You are a writer after all

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Today’s writing prompt is brought to you by Jenny Tinghui Zhang. Jenny is a Chinese-American writer from Changchun, China. A VONA/Voices alumna and Tin House Workshop attendee, her stories and essays can be found in CatapultApogeePassages NorthThe Rumpus, and NYMag/The Cut, among other places. Currently, she serves as a prose editor for The Adroit Journal. She holds an MFA from the University of Wyoming and lives in Austin, where she is at work on a novel. Visit her at

She has new essays in the most recent issues of Passages North, Ninth Letter, CALYX, and The Cut/NYMag. You can also read her Wyoming column with Catapult

You know that phrase “a real writer writes every day?” Throw it away. Instead, I want to tell you that it’s okay if you can’t write right now, or for a while. The act of writing takes more than just a laptop or pencil and paper—it takes your mind and heart and belief not just in yourself, but also in the certainty of our world. 

You already know this. You are a writer, after all. 

In these unprecedented times, simply waking up and making it through the day could be called an accomplishment. Are you tired all the time for no reason? I am. My body is a raw bundle of nerves; my mind is constantly trying to make sense of everything while my heart is in mourning for what was and what could be. It’s exhausting. In the span of only a few weeks, we have all become little squares of video, connected by virtual conferencing and spotty internet connections. Normal isn’t normal anymore, least of all sitting down at a desk and cranking out words while the world seemingly falls apart. 

So, it’s okay if you can’t or don’t want to write. You were a writer before this, and you’ll be a writer after, I promise. What’s important right now is making some space for yourself to simply be a human. 

Writing Prompt: How do you create beauty for yourself?

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